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100% Pure New Zealand Honey

Taste the goodness of our pure New Zealand honey

At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, we’re bringing goodness to the world with authentic, high quality New Zealand mānuka and floral honeys that have a rich flavour and signature smoothness second to none.

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Pure flow Manuka honey taste and texture

Superior taste and texture

To give our honey more flavour, more smoothness and more goodness…at 100% Pure New Zealand Honey we do less! Using pure seed honey creamed by hand, our artisan Pure Flow™ method enhances our honey by protecting the nutrients and giving it a velvety texture and rich taste that sets it apart.

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Trust the UMF® standard

Very few honeys have what it takes to be labelled genuine UMF®-rated mānuka honey. One marker is the level of methylglyoxal (MGO), the chemical originally identified as giving mānuka honey its unique antibacterial properties. The UMF® level varies based on how much MGO that honey contains. Every batch of our UMF® mānuka honey is thoroughly tested to prove it is genuine. Check your honey’s independent lab report using our HoneyID™ traceability tool.

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Where nature meets nurture

Established in 1996, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey is the country's premier independent honey company. We source the country’s best raw honey to create a delicious and innovative range of mānuka and floral honeys. Only genuine mānuka honey like ours has the UMF® trademark and the higher that rating, the more it has of those unique antibacterial characteristics mānuka honey is famous for.

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100% pure by name and promise

Trace your honey’s authenticity and find out more about its nutritional potency using the individual HoneyID® batch code on the jar.

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