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Our story

Established in 1996, we are New Zealand’s premier independent honey company sharing with the world a delicious and innovative range of mānuka and floral honey products.

At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, we’re on a mission to bring goodness to the world.

It starts with passionate people whose love of honey goes back to when we were kids for some of us. Making sure our product matches our name - 100% Pure New Zealand Honey - well that’s something we take great measures to ensure.

We’re in a unique position in New Zealand, with a wonderful environment to offer potent single-flower honeys. And it’s that purity and diversity of flavour we’re so keen for you to enjoy to the fullest. We source our honey from all over the country to give you distinctly different tastes, aromas and colours from island to island, coast to coast and in between.

100% Pure New Zealand Honeys’ different flavours, aromas and textures lend themselves to all kinds of sensations. It’s the ultimate ingredient, enriching sweet and savoury dishes with a versatility that makes it a regular ingredient of choice for today's foodies and chefs. It’s also long been used as a natural remedy by many cultures.

With so many reasons to have a little honey every day, we’ve developed Pure Flow™ to give our authentic, high quality mānuka and New Zealand floral honeys a signature smoothness and rich flavour that’s second to none. We call it the good taste of goodness.