Why mānuka honey

Genuine New Zealand UMF® mānuka honey’s wellbeing properties make it a sought-after product. We’ve come up with a way to ensure ours is not only certified authentic so you can trust its quality; we’ve also given it a signature smoothness and rich flavour that’s second to none. Read on to see why we call it the good taste of goodness.

What is manuka honey

What is mānuka honey?

Find out what makes New Zealand mānuka honey so rare and so special, and how we make ours even better here at 100% Pure New Zealand Honey.

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What is a UMF® rating? What is MGO? And why does it matter? Find out how the UMF® official grading system can help you tell if your mānuka honey is the real thing.

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Health benefits of honey

The health benefits of honey

Mānuka honey has long been recognised as having unique properties that can assist with wellbeing and getting the most out of life. Plus, at 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, ours is super yummy! We call it the good taste of goodness.

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Key manuka honey characteristics

Key mānuka honey characteristics

High quality mānuka honey should have some colour consistency so you can trust its purity. That’s why we rely on the Pfund colour grading system. This system measures the wavelengths of light that can pass through honey from 0-8mm (water white) to more than 114mm (dark). A higher UMF® mānuka honey will typically have a richer, darker colour

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