Manuka honey taste and texture

Our method

We’re on a mission to bring goodness to the world so at 100% Pure New Zealand Honey we’ve combined the best of nature with a nurturing only those truly passionate about great honey can offer. It’s our signature Pure Flow™ method that makes all the difference.

Enjoy superior taste and texture

At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, we think honey is pretty amazing already. But we’re also big believers in more - more flavour, more smoothness, more goodness. Yet to get more, we actually do less! No pasteurisation or excess heat treatment (which can degrade the UMF® levels and alter the quality) and no preservatives or additives (unless you’re talking about the natural fruit and spices in our Flavour Innovations range).

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Crafted by hand

The only thing we do is put it through our artisan Pure Flow™ method. Using pure seed honey creamed by hand enhances the honey’s superior goodness by protecting the nutrients and giving it a velvety texture and rich taste that sets it apart.

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Look for the logo

If you see the Pure Flow™ logo, you can be assured your honey has been crafted according to our stringent quality guidelines to ensure consistency, purity, and quality while also preserving all the health benefits and enhancing the taste and texture. Every single day, every single drop is treated with the utmost respect to ensure all the goodies that nature gifted it are kept intact.

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Taste the difference for yourself