Bees and honey

Sustainable goodness

Because we’re on a mission to bring goodness to the world, at 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, food safety and quality, and taking care of the environment are everyone’s responsibility. That means providing the highest standards of manufacturing and product care. It means working closely with the best independent beekeepers, whose focus is on sustainable management and honey production, as well as having stringent internal processes for the receipt, processing and dispatch of products.

Honey quality control

We are a registered exporter of honey products and we are certified under a Risk Management Plan operated by the NZ Government. In addition to quarterly *RMP audits, we also undertake annual *GMP/HACCP audits with an external certification agency to ensure our processes are first class.

Traceability is critical to ensuring food safety so we operate a system that allows us to trace honey back to the hive location. In addition, consumers can see a Certificate of Authenticity or UMF Certificate for each batch via our HoneyID site.

Our quality, safety and environmental processes are under regular scrutiny and we are on a journey of constant improvement. We are working towards having our facility accredited to the highest level of food safety globally and we’re committed to supplying honey in a way that cares for people, bees and the land from which it comes.

*RMP – Risk Management Plan; GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices; HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

100% pure honey

All our products are GE-free and certified Halal, so can be sold as such internationally.

Our environmental commitments

To us, bringing goodness to world is about more than just protecting the nutritional benefits of our honey. We believe it’s also takes a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our packaging is BPA-free and supplied by an Enviromark Gold Accredited manufacturer. We are also committed to reducing our footprint through zero-waste manufacturing and giving back to the environment that supplies our honey.