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How to tell what is a real Manuka Honey?

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How to tell what is a real Manuka Honey?

Earlier this week, Good Morning America ran a news item focused on the growth of Manuka honey in the US, aimed at helping consumers to identify what is genuine product. Their item quoted research showing that Manuka honey has up to 9 times the germ killing power of regular honey and that it has been labelled as “liquid gold from Mother Nature” by doctors.

We know the benefits of genuine Manuka honey and we agree with the GMA summary that if you want to be sure about the authenticity of your brand, look for the UMF trademark and level of MGO (Methylglyoxal).

The UMF Trademark, which stands for 'Unique Manuka Factor' is the only independently recognised quality trademark & grading system for Manuka honey. A UMF Trademark visible on the label means that the product inside has been identified as the natural, unadulterated Manuka Honey, assuring its purity and quality; meaning it is true to label.

Genuine Manuka honey has 3 signature compounds that all UMF products must be tested for, which are Leptosperin, DHA and MGO. No other Manuka honey is required to undergo such stringent and independent checking procedures and other rating systems, such as Total Activity, NPA or pollen count do not measure what is unique to New Zealand Manuka honey.

Importantly, all UMF Manuka honey must comply with new guidelines imposed by the New Zealand Government. These guidelines are additional to those of the UMF Honey Association and they are designed to give consumers further confidence in the authenticity of each product.

So, if you’re going to buy Manuka Honey, make sure it has the UMF trademark symbol and also look for proof of authenticity. 100% Pure New Zealand Honey guarantees the honey in your jar will always reflect the UMF grade claimed on the label and we provide a tracking system that allows you to see the independent laboratory result for each batch (see Honey ID site.)

Our pledge is to bring you the best tasting, healthiest Manuka honey from New Zealand, with no artificial additives, just as Mother Nature intended.