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Pop Starch Biodegradable Chips
Helping the environment and you with our new packaging.

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Made from expanded starch, Pop Starch is 100% compostable and biodegradable with no disposal costs, easier handling due to being non static and having many environmental benefits. Pop Starch is a compostable and biodegradable expanded loose fill manufactured from Starch, protecting Products, your Profile and the Planet.

Not meant for human consumption but will not harm children or pets that may come into contact with the material.

Increasing awareness of issues like sustainability and waste reduction, is effecting change. Pop Starch is a product that is compostable, biodegradable, does reduce waste and waste disposal costs and is sustainable.


Pop Starch Environmental and Sustainability advantages:

  • It is made in New Zealand and manufactured from sustainable renewable materials.
  • Will biodegrade when exposed to any environment containing bacteria and moisture this can be aerobic or anaerobic above or below ground.
  • Biodegradable time is less than cellulose (plant materials).
  • Almost completely dissolves in water in hours, what is left biodegrades.
  • Can be composted with organic waste including food waste to produce fertile humus in a few weeks.
  • Can be disposed of on the lawn or garden, or even down the toilet.
  • Reusable, can be recycled through the same waste stream as cardboard and paper.