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Save power and money while also helping the environment!

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Add Energy-Saving Features to Your Home

  • Install energy-saving lamps in your home - but be sure to dispose of old bulbs safely.
  • Make sure your walls and ceilings are insulated, and consider double-pane windows. Explore green design features for your building, like passive solar heating, a rainwater catchment or greywater recycling system, and recycled materials.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances, including low flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets.
  • Choose furnishings that are second-hand or recycled.

  • Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products - for your health and environment.
  • Keep the thermostat relatively low in winter and ease up on the air conditioning in summer. Keep your A/C filters clean to keep the A/C operating at peak efficiency.
  • Unplug your electronics when not in use. To make it easier, use a power strip. Even when turned off, items like your television, computer, and cellphone charger still sip power.
  • Dry your clothes naturally whenever possible rather than using power-guzzling tumble dryers.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer regularly.