Our Honey Health System

There are so many elements that can make a world of difference in honey quality.

Our Honey Health System guarantees that every single drop of our precious honey meets our highest standards and is delivered to you in the healthiest way possible.
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Health Section
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Bees & Beekeepers

Our beekeeper partners are the best in the industry and our audit process ensures we only source premium quality honey from the healthiest hives

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We conduct a significant number of independent laboratory tests and we’re constantly working to ensure the consistency and quality of our products is the best available

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Colour & Moisture

While honey is a natural product, we believe that careful monitoring of colour and moisture helps preserve the life and quality of our honey

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Minimal Processing

Heat damages honey, so we minimise the amount we use. We avoid pasteurisation and never include additives. We keep our honey as nature intended

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Honey Integrity

UMF® Mānuka honey is a premium product and authenticity is critical. Anti-fraud packaging and stringent shipping practices ensure our honey’s quality and integrity

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The planet is our source of nutrition. We take care of our bees, land and people so they can take care of you

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