Key manuka honey characteristics

Key characteristics of mānuka honey

High quality mānuka honey should have some colour consistency, so you can trust its purity. To ensure our mānuka honey is consistent we use the Pfund colour grading system.

Some say the darker mānuka honey is, the more of the good stuff it has. But honey is natural and its colour can vary slightly due to all manner of reasons, such as environmental or seasonal differences. That being said, we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring you enjoy superior taste and texture no matter which jar you buy.

High quality mānuka honey should have some colour consistency so you can trust its purity. That’s why we rely on the Pfund colour grading system. This system uses a photometer to measure the wavelengths of light that can pass through the honey (measured in millimetres). A higher Pfund graded mānuka honey will typically have a richer, darker colour.

In terms of aroma, mānuka honey exhibits woody, earthy scents. Its flavour varies from a mild, earthy taste (eg. UMF® 5+) to strong and slightly bitter at higher levels (eg. UMF® 20+). This variation is a result of bees collecting a range of different nectar sources.

Quality mānuka honey also has a different texture or consistency to other honeys. It is known as a thixotropic liquid which means it thickens, regardless of temperature. This is what gives mānuka honey its jelly-like appearance. The higher the level of mānuka honey, the more this consistency will be shown.

Remember though, no matter what it looks like, the best way to tell if it’s real mānuka honey and how pure and potent it is, is to look for the official UMF® quality mark and rating.

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